Excellent article: "Rationally Speaking, We Are All Apocalyptic Now"

I thought this was a compelling read and wanted to share: "Rationally Speaking, We Are All Apocalyptic Now" from Robert Jensen on Truthout.org

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Very good article. Thanks for posting it.

posted above...

I also thought this article was important and courageous. The idea, not that we are nihilists, nor perhaps even that "we are" apocalyptic, but that the archetype of apocalypse has certainly been activated for us. Reading the article reminded me of my chilly, yet oddly heartened response to reading Cormac McCarthy's "The Road." Nothing uplifting or encouraging really in the story itself, but the telling, writing, and witnessing of the story felt like a generative activity in light of the constellation of apocalyptic fantasies that continue to appear in our news and science of the day. To allow ourselves to see the fantasy played out feels necessary at this juncture. Was it necessary to face our own capacity for self-annihilation when I was growing up? Maybe the creation and use of the atomic bomb was our equivalent. Is the severity or reality of the fantasy coming to light greater now? Do I have mixed feelings about how generative it is for my own children to face this dark fantasy? All questions, I think that we have to face, and that this article aptly implores us to do.


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