To go with my earlier beginning work on Osiris, I now am beginning to look into Isis as an archetype in astrology.  As an asteroid she is currently conjunct Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and close to an exact conjunction with Chiron.  I feel she has a strong resonance with these intense times.

Any feedback about this would be helpful, for I have seen her written about in astrology more so than Osiris, but still not really that much.

Isis wall painting

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Would love to hear more about your research into the Isis Asteroid/Archetype, Gary. Please keep us posted. Enjoyed the blog article, that was fascinating, about the Grand Air Trine at the time Asteroid Isis was discovered.


Back in the 80's, while doing research for Archetypes of the Zodiac, my client work featured a strong Isis/Osirus theme, involving the symbolic sextile between Houses 6 and 8. Isis as the skilled 6th House priestess/healer, Osirus as the Sacrifice and sometimes, too, the Savior. 

The traditional meaning of the two houses came through powerfully:  physical health, health professionals (traditional healers, Western medicine, surgery, psychotherapy--all of it.) "Life and death" crises in many areas, sublimation (House 8) leading to "time out" of their routine,  followed eventually by some type of rebirth.

Of course, Pluto was in Scorpio, its Rulership Sign, then, adding Shamanic overtones!

I've been intrigued with the theme ever since, especially clients with Natal planets in sextile between the two Houses, or planets ruling the two house cusps coming into aspect by transit.

Dreams so often provided insight into the issues as I wrote about the two Houses.  Hermes as Psychopomp seemed to work well with Isis,  communicating the message from the dream state, or clients drawing the right healing professional at the right moment. 

This year, with the Chiron/Neptune/Isis lineup, the Pisces theme of sacrifice preceding death and rebirth seems to be coming up, not only in client work, but personally.  The Hospice minister came to visit my mother-in-law, who'd lived with us for 10 years, at the end of her life's narrative. Though happy he came to visit her, I wasn't expecting a message for myself or my husband, But, then, when he was almost out the door, the minister turned, looked at me and said, you know, the Fourth Commandment is the only one that comes with a promise attached. What you've done for her (mother-in-law) will come back to you later, when you need it."

It was really nice to receive a message from the world of Hermes (the Stranger) and Isis, aligned with Chiron, at a time when my husband and I were getting very little sleep, the end of a long cycle as caretakers. 

I hope others will join in the discussion on the transiting alignment. Does the Yin Neptune theme of Faith, Surrender, accord well with Isis as wise healer for people in their work/personal life?  Is there a sort of conjunctio of the opposing Signs, 6 and 12, Pisces and Virgo? A coming together of logic (practical skills) faith, and receptivity to grace? 


Thank you Kathleen, for your thoughts.  Linking the 6th House with Isis and the 8th House with Osiris is very fascinating and does make sense to me.  I think there is strong interplay between the 6th and 12th associated with Isis as well as Osiris.  I would like to hear more about your experiences of linking Isis and Osiris with the 6th and 8th houses if you care to share.

Also, thank you for sharing your personal story about your mother-in-law, hospice minister, and the fourth commandment. I would not have thought of integrating the fourth commandment in that way.  The karmic return you could receive from your care, however, does sound like the 2nd ray of love and wisdom energy I feel like connects with Isis.

I do think the Neptune theme of Faith and Surrender, along with the Virgo integration of practical skills and techniques with faith and receptivity to grace connects with Isis, and is very beneficial in healing or teaching work.

all my best,


Hi Gray, 

I wrote a longer reply but I don't think it went through.

 I've been experiencing Isis (asteroid) as practicality, she's symbolically opposite the 12th, where I've been letting go of expectations, preconceptions,and old memories that keep one stuck in the past, as Patanjali recommends in the Sutras, and courtesy of Isis, I'm now paying more attention to the passing of time.  We lived in a Neptunean time warp the last few months of my mother-in-law's illness. Reality, the Outer World of logic, and Isis seems the counterbalance. (As in "you have a short time to tidy up your house and disappear.")

I appreciate what you wrote about the Ray of Love and Wisdom, and the experience with the minister who "appeared" in my home because of Hospice and my mother-in-law. It,was certainly auspicious in its timing.

Lately, these serendipitous meetings have been occurring, which is probably why I found myself including several tales about meetings with the Stranger along the path in Beyond the Mask: The Rising Sign.  We're not as likely as Telemachus to have Athene appear to encourage us these days (!), but the Wise Stranger with his message, 'modern Hermes, does still appear. 

Excited about your research on the Isis asteroid; please keep us posted.


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