This seems to be a newer addition to the astrological lexicon.  Frankly, I'm not conversant with its definition at this moment in time...You might ask the newest member of archetypal astrology or read his blog. Michael Sunanda,  not sure of the spelling at this instant.  My hunch is that the horoscope is seen and honored ecologically, with the first mother goddess Gaia, at its core.  I would assume there is then an ecological perspective given to its interpretations and impressions.  This is of course not only trendy, but collectively timely and necessary. Personally, I can imagine incorporating that perspective in my own work as a psychological astrologer, if and when the time comes when I can integrate  and describe its necessity simply. The astrological experience when viewed mythically/archetypally is naturally Gaia or earth-centered since the archetypes sort of spring from her, this great Earth Mother.   So if one honors the Gods of the horoscope then I would imagine She is also included in that honoring.  However, it may be that when one is astrologicalfrom  an earth-centered perspective that, one might examine an

individual horoscope with special attention paid to the "earth-point" (that point opposite the sun) to see where and how that individual can serve  this earht=centered Great Mother Goddess Gaia,  better, in the their daily , psychological and spiritual lives.  

Thank you for the  question.   It was unexpectedly helpful to me in supplying an additional way to place emphasis on the birth chart from an eco-astrological perspective!

Wow where did all that come form? End of sermon........

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