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Thank you so very much for this. The world of Depth Psychology seems suddenly to be coming into its own. I am so grateful to be a part of a community of people who are truly "soul" connected.


Eva Rider

Hi Eva. Thanks for articulating your observation about the "world of Depth Psychology seems suddenly to be coming into its own". I couldn't agree with you more, and this powerful need I perceive has been a huge catalyst for the creation of this community as a place to tend soul and a pool from which all of us can draw strength, knowledge, and connection as we each do our own part to help bring Depth Psychology into the world. I think those who are looking will find this community through synchronicity as soul leads them to it!

I had never even heard the term "depth psychology" until I discovered a Master's program in the field, and once immersed, realized it was an incredible home for me. It has been so utterly life-changing, I truly hope we can all follow the instinct to share our passion and learning with others whose lives can be equally transformed.

Yes! You are in the right place! I'm so glad you're here!

Hi Bonnie

I have been trying so far unsuccessfully to post my photo. Can you give me some pointers on this? I press browse, choose the photo and then I don't know how to post it.

I will be in touch. I am so sorry to have missed tonight's talk by Michael Conforti. I was working. I will be at Hillman's Seminars and would like to join the dinner.

I am also interested in presenting on Marion Woodman at "These Women" I worked with Marion for many years and she has had a huge influence on my life and work.

I am also interested in Assisi...

It is a marvelous time of emergence! I am so grateful for this forum although I haven't yet full learned to access all its burgeoning facets and opportunities.


Thank you!


Hi Eva,

You are not the only one, believe me! I think there's something fundamental not intuitive about this process. Here's a link to a "how to" I posted not long ago. See if it helps; http://www.depthpsychologyalliance.com/

No worries on the teleseminar: Michael recorded it and will be sharing a link with me which I will post for everyone.

I'm so excited to meet you at Hillman and "These Women" as well I feel the emerging as well. We'll figure out details on connecting, and meanwhile, please don't hesitate to ask any questions and I'll do my best to work it out with you.

Dear Bonnie,

I am still intermittently working on navigating this site which is so exciting but time constraints and lack of computer skills have been in the way.

I was very saddened by the cancellation of James Hillman's Seminar due to his health concerns. I was also looking forward to meeting our group.

I plan to be online on Monday evening and hope to be in Italy this summer with all of you.


My "work" involves study and teaching on "Jung and the Hermetic Tree of Life" I would very much like to add articles over time. I am still not quite sure how to submit. 


Also, as you can see, in spite of Ed's kind help, I still continue to resemble Carl Jung (as do so many of us). Hopefully, will figure out how to post my own photo in time.


Thank you for this wonderful work you have done and are continuing to do in connecting us.




Hi Bonnie. Ed welcomed me into the DPA community. A pleasure to be on board! 

One aspect of depth psychology I am deeply interested in exploring is the application of the depth psychology model within an integrative psychotherapeutic framework. I'm beginning to view (and get a feeling for) the integrative approach as potentially combining the best 'tools' to serve working with clients, as clients may require both humanistic and psychodynamic approaches. depending on the stage of their psychospiritual evolution.

I wonder if depth psychological methods can be artfully and wisely combined with humansitic approaches, such as Gestlt...?


Hi Bonnie

I am so happy to have found this network, thank you for hosting such a valuable and specialised format. I have just joined and hope to learn and share many insights and realiztions with members.


Hello Bonnie. I'm grateful for this forum/online-community that you have created. Thank you. And thanks for your great blog-talk program. I just became familiar with it a few days ago. It's a very rich source of positive connection --- listening to those conversations that you have with others whose life work, like yours, is in the active engagement of consciously deepening/expanding the relational field of the psyche/soul (both personally and collectively, of course!) ... through the work of conscious and intentional soul-oriented dialogue. So thanks for the program too!

I am a relative newcomer to digging a little deeper into the work of Carl Jung and to the many other great depth psychologists ( and soul-explorers) of our time. I had my own psycho-spiritual soul-encounter crisis in my early twenties (1997) -- when I first recognized that there had been something BIG missing in my own conscious relational life -- and it brought about this great process of re-membering which has been ever-ongoing since then.

So I have peeked at the work of many different philosophers and mystics and scientists and psychologists over the years since that time, trying to understand what happened on/within as many levels as I could. But it seems like it has only been over the past few years that I have been able to really start reading the material (inner and outer!) with the stamina to stay with it and follow threads that lead to further deepening and simmering. This is because -- for many reasons -- I now have a better understanding of what it takes to track the soul and figuring out what it "needs" from me from moment to moment. The more that I do the work of tending to this living relationship (field), the more I am able to comprehend what Jung and others were conveying. These were things that just made little sense to me -- or just made me tired -- when I looked at them before I actually started to the work of showing up, with real care, for the better parts of myself (of the Self) which in turn reveal their riches (in the form of a feeling of inspiration and the natural graciousness that comes with being able to turn that inspiration into some form of creative expression).

-- Chris

Hi Chris. Welcome--and thanks for sharing some of your story. I suspect many of us who have found our way to Jung's work--and depth psychology in general--have had some sort of soul-encounter (which is often a crisis as you mention...Transpersonal pioneer Stan Grof calls it a "spiritual emergency"--when a spiritual experience becomes a crisis). It was true for me as well. I find that the more I pay attention, the more I am able to stay actively engaged, the more centered I feel through lifes ups and downs. I hope this community is a place where all of us can find some centering, awareness, and containment as we ride the rollercoaster...

Hi Bonnie,

My experiences in the past 6 months, in dreams and active imagination, have proved to be reflections of the future...that is, the present. engaged with unconscious processes / patterns / archetypes is by no means the easy way, though can be...the way to individuating.

Great to be on board :)

Best wishes,


Images related to Carl Jung and Depth Psychology may be found here: http://pinterest.com/purrington104/carl-jung-depth-psychology/

Viewers are welcome.

Feel free to contribute additional photos.

Thank you

If anyone can add more accurate captions to existing photos please let me know.

Hi all! Thanks so much, Bonnie, for all your hard work and dedication.

I'm particularly interested in Shadow, especially as it's "held" by teenagers for our culture. Here's the text to the talk I gave today on Teenagers as Spiritual Prompts. I'd love to hear people's thoughts and feedback. http://www.reneebeckmft.com/teenagers-as-spiritual-prompts/ 


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