Watch a Depth Alliance Site-Orientation and Navigation Video

Join Founder & Director of Depth Psychology Alliance, Bonnie Bright, for some background and a visual walk-through of how to navigate and post on Depth Psychology Alliance.

Learn how to share news about your book, events, organization or services, or post links to articles, images, and videos that are meaningful to you. Start your own blog site.

You'll also hear a few ideas about upcoming changes and projects for the Alliance.

Watch the Orientation Session Here

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Hi Bonnie - I am unable to watch this due to a notice of a "safety mode" issue informing me I would need to disable and I have no clue how to do that.  Anyways I sent in my feedback for this webinar.  Peace +  Love Linda 

the discussion on private and public reminded  of "facebook". One reason I don't have many facebook friends and interaction is because I don't want interaction with and from many people. Also navigating all the buttons etc is very distracting.  Using some of these web pages is somewhat like flying a kite for the first time. Only flying the kite is much more interesting and rewarding with wind, sun and endless clouds. The "web" thing is something I'm not sure I'll ever get "use to".


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