Two articles about philosophical problems in Jungian psychology

Carl Jung, privatio boni, and the return of Manichaeism

Abstract : St Augustine’s privation theory of evil remains relevant. The dissatisfaction with it has a simple explanation. Jung’s critique of it is dubious. Narratives of evil are required as a complement.

Keywords : privatio boni, evil, sin, moral dualism, cognitive metaphor, witch-hunts, St Augustine, Carl Jung.


Jung’s metaphysic and epistemology: Platonism or Phenomenology?

Abstract: The Jungian regression into phenomenology and the concomitant ideal of 'living in fantasy' depend on the predication of a noumenal reality.

Keywords : metaphysics, Plato, Kant, Paul Natorp, transcendental, archetype, noumenon, noumenalism, unus mundus, psychoid, epistemology, phenomenology, Platonism, idealism, C.G. Jung, Carl Jung

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