Hi Linda,

Thanks so much for that information about the, was it polar bears, that looked to the constellations  for location and guidance. I also appreciate the kind comments you made not only about what I've written, but about  the Toni W. CG Jung, Emma J., recent triangular dialogues.  That got  me thinking about making up a composite chart that was the  blending of Toni and Emma's horoscopes, into one new chart known as a composite chart. I thought this new astrological image could describe the nature of their connection and the purpose, which it can also do with real live contemporary people in the here and now.Of course, we wouldn't have the ascendant because we don't have their birth times, however, their   planets would make up a geometrical  pattern that would tell us much. So stay tuned! Judie

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Good eevening Judith - your idea of making up a composite chart - new astrological image to describe the nature of the thresomes connection/purpose in the here and now sounds fascinating to me - geometrical pattern that can tell us much - intriguing!  I will stayed tuned.  Regards Linda


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