Check out Laura London's podcast of an interview with Jungian Analyst Tom Lavin about what he calls The Trump Phenomena

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So Time magazine called Donald Trump a Bully huh? Big Deal! Bill Clinton embargoed Iraq in the 90's and 500,000 children died of malnutrition. That was a war crime of a psychopathic bully if there ever was one. Bill Clinton should have been tried by the war crimes tribunal at the Hague. He was not because America does not recognize the jurisdiction of the war crimes court over American citizens. Did Time magazine call Bill Clinton a child killing Bully. Not on your life. What about the Bullies who lied and then invaded iraq. Up to a million dead and the country is still in chaos over 12 years later. Did Time magazine call George the conqueror Bush a bully and a war criminal. Not on your life. But Donald Trump is a bully huh? Is it because Time Magazine was looking for a bigger slice of the $65 million worth of negative ads attacking Donald Trump. And Hilary is waiting in the wings with $100 million more of negative ads for these presstitutes to slither for....Political correctness is systematic and organized bullying ... Donald Trump standing up to these politically correct fascists of the spirit may trouble you but get some perspective please. Donald Trump and perhaps bernie sanders are the only guys calling for peace. hillary and the flock of war mongering pretenders to the republican nomination for the Presidency fell over themselves goose stepping to the neocons insane call for perpetual war. Give me a break.

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Politics is taxes, schools, and hospitals. Theft and murder is theft and murder. If I said that Hitler was a nice person, I wouldn't be a Nazi. I would just support theft and murder.

Your mention of Siegfried merits some further consideration.I suspect Siegfried had to go because he represented the Pagan spirit that was emerging in Jung personally and later in Germany itself. At the time Jung was undergoing his own intense and destabilizing experience of Individuation. Individuation begins with the recognition and struggle with the shadow. The emergence of the shadow constellates a moral problem within the individuate. Jung's Unconscious was telling him Siegfried;s kind of heroism was unsuited to resolving his own ongoing moral struggle with the shadow. 

It would be absurd to deny Trump's populism and approach of being "one of the guys", criticizing NATO and its atrocities and at the same time being "one of us". . That interviewed gentleman was a part of the system. Poor little soldiers are traumatized perhaps they have done something that is against their inherent nature of being human beings. "The abyss will gaze back into you", says Nietzsche. Trump being a "clown" is that abyss gazing back. And don't worry about "Europe" (there is something totally archetypal when people wonder what "Europe" thinks about them).

I'm reading Nelson Algren for the first time. I’m Chicago suburbs born (Berwyn) and raised (Lagrange /Downers Grove), and unfortunately was not taught a love for literature nor did I go to “Catlick” school. I'm discovering that  Algren was a legend. I love his characters like  Blind Pig, Molly-O and Frankie Machine. But one writer even the republicans of Dupage County ( 96.5 % Repub) read was Chicago Daily News columnist  Mike Royko. Mike had one alter ego called Slats Grobnik who would nostalgically recall memories of boyhood during the Depression, Polish weddings, broken hearts, Halloween pranks, July Fourth mischief, and a thousand lines of laughter and wisdom ranging from the foolishness of marriage and sobriety to the proper punishment for Richard Nixon. " Slat's parents took him with them on all their social outings, most of which were to the Happy Times Tavern on Armitage, which was owned by Slats' uncle, Beer Belly Frank Grobnik. . . . They would sit him on the bar or the pinball machine and he was the most contented child you ever saw, chewing on a hard-boiled egg, washing it down with a tiny tumbler of beer. . . . Customers enjoyed having Slats around and would bounce him on their knees and give him snacks, such as herring, pickled pigs' feet, pepperoni and beer foam. By the time he was three the only way Mrs. Grobnik could persuade him to drink milk was put it in a stein and say, `Have a snort, little Slats." 

I can assure you no such characters existed in Boise Idaho or Bend Oregon ( where I spent my summers with my Mother's family). But Slats was very much like the relatives on my father's side of the family. "Gritty tough, racists, not at all "couth" ( pronounced " koot " if you are from the South Side). I often wonder what Slats would have to say about Donald Trump? Mike never shied away from taking a shot or two at Richard J. Daley, Dick Nixon and several others.  I have zero respect for Don and seriously doubt Slats would either.

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