Bonnie Bright was kind enough to add my web-blog to the links page of the Depth Psychology AllianceThe Psychoanalytic Muse is devoted to the appreciation of the language and literature of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology. The beauty and elegance of the ideas associated with the various schools of depth psychology underscore the common foundations of our process. Excerpts of analytic thought from diverse theoretical orientations are updated twice weekly.  On Wednesdays a passage from a psychoanalytic perspective is presented and on Saturdays a passage from various authors associated with analytical psychology. The underlying objective of The Psychoanalytic Muse is to move beyond the divisiveness that often characterizes cross-theoretical exchanges and to reveal the underlying interconnections between these various schools of analytic theory and practice.  The content of the blog serves as an ongoing meditation on the pluralistic and integrative energies that can be found in the broader analytic community of our time.  After just two months of operation The Psychoanalytic Muse is being read in 31 countries around the world and receiving about 150 viewings per week.  Please stop by and leave a comment. 

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