Thank you so much to Deborah Jessup and T. Cavalli for directing me to the

piece on James Hillman in which he was referred to as the greatest thinker! Times such as these when I can share my gratitude about something that has come may way through another, especially another soul-hearted member of this very unique community makes each new breath a grateful miracle.  

When Bonnie Bright and I  first met  we had a brief conversation on the bus about one day having an international  gathering of depth members.  I suppose at the time it was more a fantasy than a possibility.  Yet, now it seems more a possibility than a fantasy.  Then again is there really any difference? The referral of this piece on Hillman reactivated that memory.    The unstructured, spontaneous sharing and connecting  that would arise out of such a gathering was  again titillated by the reading of this piece on Hillman....

So here's a great, big thank you. And.who knows?  Perhaps one day....

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It's speculated that there is some identifiable "critical mass" of conscious, individuated people required to make significant change in the word. The DPA is a start...

 Thom, And, a damn good one I might add!! Happy Holy Holidaaaaaze!


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