Question: What are some of the mythic images coming up for you in the news?

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A whistle being blown?

A teenage girl being held against her will in the wilderness, her mother and little brother's burned bodies being dug out of the burned out ruins of their former home....

I would say, in the recent headlines and new stories about same-sex marriage we can see the mythic Zeus and Hera relationship at play.  Hera prefers to keep as firmly to the traditional marriage model as possible, which is the argument for keeping marriage between "straight" couples; while Zeus was always less confined and getting out expanding his horizons, which is the argument to change tradition after all these years (centuries, really).  With some states legalizing gay marriage and others holding out, it's sticking to the myth thus far, and will certainly be fascinating to see how the stories unfold.

Interesting myths you've all mentioned.

Here's another one I'll be discussing during my webinar: Hades and his realm resurfacing as an oil- and coal-darkened Underworld above the ground.

What inspiring myths do you notice?

Craig, can you explain a little bit of how you see Hades related to oil and coal?  I ask because I have those two areas associated with other Gods, so I wouldn't have come to that one myself. 

I have to admit, I don't see many inspiring myths in the news these days, but simply seeing mythic images in the news and headlines inspires me, regardless of which myth.  It shows the cycles of myths thousands of years old still play out in our lives and on the planet, and allow a context in which to at least understand there's a lot more going on than meets the literal eye. 

I was quite inspired by the recent Hermes/Trickster moment with J.K. Rowling successfully publishing her detective book under a pseudonym ever-so-briefly and, before discovery, receiving genuinely honest reviews and comments on the book.  Once it was revealed it was her, it would naturally skew the feedback.  The moments of honesty produced via the Trickster's illusion was heartening (and quite funny, actually).


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