Depth Psychology Alliance is currently seeking new administrative board members to join our existing board.

Our board members work to actively strategize, implement, and administer current and new programs within the community. The board currently consists of seven members, led by founder Bonnie Bright. We are a fairly new group made up of diverse individuals who work well together and strive to keep things simple and low-stress. Click here to view the current board.

The current initiatives and goals of the administrative board include:

  • Content & Experience Enrichment: Providing value for members
  • Outreach/Cross-pollination: Reaching out to other organizations for mutually beneficial partnership
  • Community Education: Developing and administering educational programs by and for the community
  • Conferences & Publishing: Planning the first Alliance conference plus local meetups, and publications Board Member


  • Attend board meetings by phone or at least once per quarter (sometimes monthly) and correspond by email or phone as needed in the interim in order to execute all the aspects required to keep the Depth Psychology Alliance community thriving.
  • Serve on at least one small-group committee of 3-4 people focused on one of the current initiatives and create an agenda with your team to move the initiative forward
  • Participate in administrative facilitation, including welcoming a share of new members and orienting them, and posting and responding as needed in the forum.

If you have a passion for depth psychology, love what Depth Psychology Alliance is doing, and feel you can invest at least 2-4 hours per month to help us develop some exciting new programs and grow into an ever more meaningful organization, please consider applying for an opportunity to participate as a formal board member.

There is no compensation for this position, but board members will be prominently featured on the Depth Psychology Alliance website and elsewhere and are welcome to highlight the position on professional resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc. In the past, we have also called on each other to write letters of recommendation or aid in other professional or career initiatives.

Board members will be selected based on experience, capacity to commit, and desire to contribute. If you are interested, please email a bio of any length and a short essay (any length up to 1000 words) on why you would like to serve on the Alliance administrative board.

Deadline for applications: July 15, 2013.

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