REPLAY: Philosophy Symposium II: Vulnerable Humanity, Predictable Machines

VIEW THE REPLAY of this excellent symposium hosted by Carroll College and co-sponsored by Depth Psychology Alliance

Our lives are increasingly ruled by the often invisible influences of artificial intelligence (AI). This interactive Q & A-style philosophy symposium is part 2 (of a 3-part series) open to the general public.

The event explores some of the less emphasized properties of the human spirit in relation to technology and technological advances.

For few contemporary issues are the presence of a depth perspective so critical. The development of AI focuses almost entirely on outcomes, but much of human makeup is opaque even to our own understanding. Consequently, without serious exploration of the whole psyche, the risks to humanity of ignoring subtle aspects of 'intelligence' in emerging AI are grave.

Panelists address the theme and then open the symposium up to general, free-flowing discussion. This event was live-streamed April 21, 2017


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