REPLAY—Focus & Fire: What Do We Do Next? led by Kim Hermanson, Ph.D.

Hi everyone,

Here is the link for the audio replay if you'd like to listen in (or listen again) to the post-election event, Focus or Fire, led by Him Hermanson, Ph.D. on November 15, 2016.
Kim led us through a short guided exercise to find an image, and then worked with several people to go more deeply into those images to see what wisdom they contained. I found it very touching, very helpful, and I personally gained tremendous insight for the image that came up for me and for others.

We had a very large number of registrants and were gratified to see the wonderful and warm response to a community event that used depth psychological ideas to bring forth understanding and healing, especially in this time of extreme polarity, anxiety and unrest for so many. Our hope is that each of us may continue to propagate this spirit of communion and openness out in the world.

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Hi Bonnie - I tried but unable to access this replay...says there is a server error.  Regards Linda

I found a link that works for me, in the comments of the event page:

Thanks for persisting, Dennis. Unfortunately there was a typo in that original link—my fault. Use this instead.

Warm wishes—BB


Thanks Dennis + Bonnie - got it now!  Peace + Love Linda


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