Recovering? Listen to my interview with business guru Daniel Gefen about The Self-Help Addict!

Daniel Gefen is author of The Self-Help Addict: Turn An Overdose of Information Into A Life of Transformation and also hosts the podcasts, The Daniel Gefen Show and the Can I Pick Your Brain the Can I Pick Your Brain? podcast where he ‘picks the brains’ of successful entrepreneurs. He’s also the founder of The Gefen Media Group which gets people featured on targeted podcasts. He is the father of five and currently lives in Israel. He says he grew his first company out of a hotel lobby. He goes on to say he has mastered the art of outsourcing and has since built multiple companies that run on their own. Daniel was named among the top 25 the top influencers of 2017 and has been featured in Forbes, Inc. and over 70 podcasts. When he’s not spending time with his wife and 5 children he’s playing tennis or coaching other people how to ‘quit’ their business and live the life they want.

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David Van Nuys, PhD
Creator/Host of Shrink Rap Radio

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