Reclaiming Self Through a Deepened Connection with the Natural World and the Restoration of the Feminine


I am a graduate student at Naropa University in MATP: Ecopsychology Concentration program. I am int the midst of writing my Master's Thesis and am struggling to find scholarly and peer reviewed papers that support my thesis. Wondering if this amazing group of depth psychologists could recommend some good sources?

My thesis argues that one can reclaim Self and move through the wounded stories into an empowered life through a deepened connection with the natural world and the restoration of the Feminine. The greatest struggle I am having is finding credible resources to support the restoration of the Feminine and thus creating greater balance and wholeness (masculine and feminine) within the individual and the planet as a whole. I am familiar with the work of Marion Woodman and Carolyn Myss and am seeking other credible sources on this topic as well as healing and wholeness through the human-nature connection.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Jesse Alex

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Jesse, hi:

Sounds like a great project! If I were starting out on a project like this, I would start by looking through an edited book of Jung's writings, called "The Earth Has a Soul: C.G. Jung on Nature, Technology & Modern Life", edited by Meredith Sabini. This is a great resource for Carl Jung's own words relating to this topic. I would also look closely at the work of Thomas Berry. Books like "The Dream of the Earth", "The Sacred Earth", and  "Evening Thoughts: Reflecting on Earth as Sacred Community" would all be good starting places, as well. I don't think any of these books dwells specifically on your thesis of the relationship between nature and the feminine, but mythology is filled with such references. Good starting places for the relationship between the feminine and nature might be M. Esther Harding's classic work "Women's Mysteries: Ancient & Modern", and Erich Neumann's book "The Great Mother."

I think the first batch I've mentioned should be helpful in making case for "healing and wholeness through the human-nature connection." The connection between and the feminine, or the feminine as a symbol of nature can be made in many ways, I think the books I've listed above on that topic may be a good place to start.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Best of luck to you on your project!

All the best,


Thank you so much for your response and suggestions. They are definitely great starting points. I have engaged in the works by Jung and Berry, along with others and find that they are rich resources that most definitely support the human-nature connection. Grateful for the further suggestions regarding the feminine.

I'm also very interested in peer reviewed articles on the emergence of the feminine energies in bringing balance and wholeness to the planet as well as the individual. Any suggestions?

Bow of gratitude,

I'll keep looking, Jesse, and let you know if I find anything.

All the best,


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