Firstly, let me put in something of a disclaimer: I am new to the Alliance, and if this is not an appropriate topic to post about, I apologize as I am ignorant of forum etiquette. Now then, allow me to explain my predicament: I am currently a high school student at a fairly academically rigorous math and science based school, and though it offers quite a good education, as you would imagine there aren't too many resources there for a young (there's a pun in there somewhere) man with an interest in depth psychology. Therefore, though I have studied a fair amount independently, I often feel that my knowledge is patchy and incomplete at best, and that there must be vast reservoirs of literature and though devoted to such subjects. Anyway, and I hope this has not dragged on too long, essentially I'm asking for suggestions on good books/authors dealing with depth psychology or any other related topics: mythology, alchemy, astrology, eastern religion, gnosticism, tarot, archetypal literary criticism, etc. Thanks in advance!

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Great to have a young Jung scholar and seeker like yourself here at the Alliance! Inspiring. I'll get back to you with a few handpicked suggestions shortly, but for starters maybe just mention a few favorite depth titles you've read so far to get the ball rolling. Then also, take a look at the Reading Room group lower down on the right-hand bar and see what others have suggested or talked about there.

More later. Look forward to the dialogue.


Any book by Jung is good depending on someone's taste or interests. Also, you can't really do wrong (if you approach them carefully) with any relatively modern WELL known author interested in mythology, alchemy, and gnosticism. There is one more -ism that some people don't like to be mentioned because it pretends to be partially on the dark side, so I shall not mention it.

My personal favorite (with already mentioned Jung) is Hermann Hesse. Also, "I and Thou" by Martin Buber is a good book that you will hardly see recommended in discussions such as this one.


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