R U Stoical? Listen to our interview with Applied Philosophy practitioner Daniel Fincke!

Dr. Daniel Fincke has his PhD in Philosophy from Fordham University and is certified in philosophical counseling by the American Philosophical Association. Dan spent 11 years teaching in college classrooms before going into business full time for himself as a philosophical advisor and private teacher. In 2005, he won the “Teaching Fellow of the Year” award from Fordham University’s Graduate Student Association. 

As a philosophical practitioner Dan helps people reason through their search for meaning and purpose, and their beliefs, values, priorities, identities, emotions, ethical dilemmas, life decisions, existential quandaries, religious or post-religious struggles, love relationships, and interpersonal conflicts. Dan does not treat mental illness. He simply helps people reason more clearly, consistently, ethically, and proactively about their lives. Even psychologically healthy people need someone to talk to. Everyone has struggles that a little conceptual clarification, logical consistency, theoretical sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and an outside perspective could go a long way towards solving.

Dan also teaches philosophy classes independently online. His classes are for anyone interested in philosophy and require no background in the subject. The classes are held as live, casual, personalized, interactive, discussion-driven videoconference sessions. They are tailored to the needs of busy lifelong learners who want stimulating discussion rather than canned programs. They are stress-free, requiring no outside work and neither payment nor guilt for missed sessions.

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David Van Nuys, PhD
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