Exciting to be on the gorgeous Pacifica Ladera campus in community for Pacifica's 40th anniversary conference, Climates of Change and a Therapy of Ideas. I'll be live streaming as I can from Periscope so follow me at bonnibright5 to tune in.

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The eloquent Ed Casey, Philosopher and Professor at Pacifica, is currently making a poignant case for the troubling issues presented by ecocide and climate change--taking a depth psychological perspective about what's invisible...

Follow Ed's talk live on Periscope at bonniebright5 --or catch the replay later for 24 hours
Now live streaming Jungian analyst Patricia Berry from Pacifica 's 40th anniversary conference. Her talk: "Soul as an aesthetic of absence."

Follow me at bonniebright5 on Periscope to tune in, and get details on the conference and PGI at www.pacifica.edu
"We need each other...we're not so different as we thought from each other....Right now we are challenged to connect with what another's 'being' is like"
--Jungian Pat Berry on "soul as an aesthetic of absence", the title of her talk at Pacifica's 40th anniversary conference

Standing ovation for journalist Chris Hedges (Wages of Rebellion) at Pacifica Graduate Institute tonight. Inspiring and sobering insight on the breakdown off societies.

If you missed it, check out the interview he did we with me a couple of months ago at http://depthinsights.com/pages/radio.htm#chrishedges

More notes:

Chris Hedges - “Wages of Rebellion”, presentation at Pacifica’s 40th anniversary:

Chris Hedges, who has spent decades as a journalist in war-torn countries, is acutely aware of how morbidity is being expressed in our dying culture. How do we affirm systems of life at a moment of breakdown, he asks. The devolution of the culture and political system in which we now live harbors a retreat from reality, an embrace of forms of magical thinking which are fed to us across the cultural and political spectrum.

Chris Hedges - “Wages of Rebellion”, presentation at Pacifica’s 40th anniversary:

As the gap widens between where we are and who we think we are widens, we become unable to respond rationally. The fantasy that if we dig deep enough and believe that we are “truly exceptional” creates a sort of infantilism, so that when we face situations in which things disintegrate, we are not prepared emotionally or psychologically.


Toshio Kawai

“We need a new psychology which is goes beyond the paradigm of internalization” -- Jungian analyst Toshio Kawai

Jungian analyst Toshio Kawai, “A Traditional View of Nature and its Transformation”, presentation at Pacifica’s 40th anniversary:

Psyche is an open system, but historically, western cultures have externalized nature, objectifying it. And, while many eastern traditions still consider that everything has a soul, nature can also be too internalized instead. Each culture has its own process of negation. Even Jungian/depth psychology is not immune, as psychoanalysis has traditionally been too internalized. We need a new psychology which is goes beyond the paradigm of internalization and integrates nature more wholly.


Jungian analyst Toshio Kawai: 

Mandalas, especially appreciated by Jung, represent nature. The power originates at the center and moves up and out, but is contained, just as deeper, older layers of the psyche become activated into solidarity and interconnectedness with community and each other. 

Toshio Kawai

“We need a new psychology which is goes beyond the paradigm of internalization” -- Jungian analyst Toshio Kawai

Our culture has a blind spot when it comes to the understanding of money: when money becomes singular in the measure of value, multidimensionality is destroyed. We need a revision of economic thought in the language of soul.

--Per Espen Stoknes, "Re-imagining Economics" at Pacifica Graduate Institute.
"We have to hear the world speak; we have to hear the song of the world…That's our ecology of psychology."
—Thomas Moore, in his talk "Animus Mundi" at the Pacifica 40th anniversary conference


"We have the power to understand that the world we live in is meaningful. Logos opens us to see the meaning, order and intelligence that is all around that gives meaning."

—Thomas Moore, in his talk "Animus Mundi" at the Pacifica 40th anniversary conference

Hi Bonnie,

I opened a 'perscope' account on my hardwired computer. I looked to follow you 'bonnibright5' as it is written here and 'bonniebright5', as written in your email, and could not find you to follow you.

Please Advise,


Hi Bonnie,

 Going to https://www.periscope.tv/bonniebright5 I don't find anything. Oh, in your first note above, are you saying that there were replays but they were only available for 24 hours? Are there any recordings available  from Pacifica's 40th anniversary celebration? or longer writings  on what took place?



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