New Publication from The Journal of Archetypal Studies, Towards Beginnings: Images of End

Vol. 2 kindles the spirit of Breaking Plates in asking why thinking on beginnings and endings is crucially important today. The essays here may move us to rethink both how we choose to interact with this topic, and how our behavior in our current local and global environments will indelibly give way to new (as of now, unforeseeable) beginnings.

Featuring essays by Bonnie Bright, Thom Cavalli, Jordan Shapiro, and more!

Get your copy here!

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Thanks for this wonderful collection of powerful essays, Roxanne. It was a real pleasure to contribute to the writing and I think the collection is a timely and meaningful commentary on the culture at large. My contribution? "Leaving Home, Losing Home: A Social and Symbolic Look at Migration" Hey everyone!---Check it out!


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