New Audio Interview: Ariane Page for the September Book Club on Revelations from Brain Research & Systems Science in the Search for Happiness

Join me on Depth Insights radio with Ariane Page as we discuss her remarkable new book, Isis Code: Revelations from Brain Research and Systems Science on t... in anticipation of the upcoming September Depth Alliance online book club. This stimulating and informative conversation covers a range of topics including Carl Jung, depth psychology, nature, biology, neuroscience, and the elusive quality of "oneness" 




About the Book

Carl Gustav Jung has visualized wholeness in the collective unconscious and its archetypes. Quantum physicist David Bohm saw it in what he named the"implicate order" which sustains, guides and organizes energy. Not surprisingly also, as it is in all of us, perennial traditions intuitively expressed it through their myths, legends and even used it efficiently in their medical systems.

Most importantly, it is consequently expressed through the brain, an obvious fractal aspect of it. This brain being also an observable physical object, a consensus becomes possible as to the model at its origin. Putting these together, Ariane Page in her book Isis Code describes this ultimate model as the LIFE biosystem (Law Inherent to the Five Elements).

Ariane Page was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She studied and worked in communications as an assistant director for CBC TV Montreal. Since two of her siblings had physical handicaps her interest in health sciences was always strong and she became a hygienist-naturopath and managed a natural health clinic for over 30 years. In Paris, she studied naturopathy, psychosomatic medicine, studied and taught yoga and provided relaxation sessions to groups and pregnant women.Over time, Ariane followed her interests in Jungian psychology, religious traditions, relationships, art, systems science, and brain research. This resulted in the elaboration of the LIFE biosystem for which Isis Code is the reference book. 



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