I dreamed last night that I was explaining why we still study Freud. Decided to write it down this morning: http://www.chalquist.com/freudrelevant.html.

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That was wonderful! I've been trying to figure Freud out for a while - he seems really important but I just don't have any affinity with him - and this has helped me a lot!

You're very welcome. I've spent a lot of time studying and struggling with Freud too. He's a persistent old bastard.

Well, you have more patience than I. Every time I try to read Freud I get really annoyed and start arguing with him in my head. I think I'm going to try to separate out his mechanical materialism out from the other stuff and see if that helps.

Some of the mechanical materialism results from Strachey's translation rather than Freud's prose. Try finding translations done by other editors. Also, have a look at Bettleheim's book Freud and Man's Soul.

Awesome! I'm going to do that - thanks for the suggestions!


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