Listen to my interview with Australian therapist Karen Ferry M.A. on working with with children around death, loss, and grief!

Karen Ferry M.A. has worked in the field of education for over 35 years. She has experience in both primary and secondary classrooms, tertiary institutions and home education environments. Her roles have included classroom teaching, administration and coordinating educational events to enhance student wellbeing. She has provided professional assistance to educators in Australia and internationally.

Karen presents at conferences, community groups, schools and youth groups. Her studies into brain science and neuropsychotherapy have enabled her to incorporate excellent educational practice with the neurobiological evidence behind why certain strategies are effective and other approaches can be detrimental to student learning.

Karen has co-authored with her friend and colleague Matthew Dahlitz, The Teachers Essential Guide to the Brain, an educational resource for educators, administrators and parents.

Karen is also a qualified and experienced Counsellor (Master of Counseling, University of Queensland) and has furthered her study into the field of Brain Science and Neuropsychotherapy.  She is the director of CORTXION – Counseling and Consulting Services, in Melbourne, Australia.

Karen has authored Benson the Boxer: A Story of Loss and Life and Benson the Boxer Program for Loss and Grief: A Manual for Therapists, Educators and Parents Working with Children. These resources are psychoeducational tools for therapists, educators and teachers to use to assist children and young people when they find themselves in a ‘stuck’ place, unable to move forward after loss

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David Van Nuys, PhD
Creator/Host of Shrink Rap Radio

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