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Hello Mats, I thank you for your criticism. I have been meaning to change the colours on my web site, but I am extremely busy with other work. I should, as you suggest, provide a summary of what my book project is about rather than the lengthy Preface that explains how I got involved in the problem of self-harming behaviour and how it has taken me 7 years of intensive research and study re the mythology of the maiden's descent into the underworld to finally solve the puzzle. That missing piece of the puzzle is another myth that is taking place at the same time but is hidden behind the popular epic drama of the maiden's descent. 

But the real problem surrounds the fact that many millions of dollars are spent on the problem of anorexia nervosa and that some young women are dying from the disorder but when someone discovers the key to the mystery, everybody runs and hides from it. Lately, I came to understand that there are cultural and ego based taboos against understanding certain things because the psyche is playing games with people and understanding would spoil the game. The psyche throws up these foreboding taboos to keep the game spinning. For some unknown reason I have broken out of this taboo thing, but find myself at odds with the undead masses who are being carried aloft by the participation mystique involving the psyche's destructive myth making, i.e., the spin-off from ignoring the Shadow. No person can be a true Jungian analyst who does not understand the mythology and religion behind the culture he or she lives in. Consequently, I have been ignored by these so-called Jungian analysts---they are self-deceiving fakes who keep congratulating each other to keep up the illusion. They need to understand that self-harming behaviour, especially that of anorexia nervosa, is an intimate part of modern mythology. There are absolute no Jungian analysts out there who understand the underlying mythology behind anorexia nervosa. Simply put, I have explained anorexia nervosa in terms of mythology in the manuscript of my book project---mythology of which I have not talked about on my web site. All I need is some support, so I can put the manuscript into book form in order to be distributed.

Malcolm Timbers

What kind of "support" are you looking for? For instance, you can use Amazon Self Publishing to publish your book both in paper and ebook form. One cannot hope for a better marketing platform, because the book is published on Amazon sites in the Americas and Europe. Carl Jung complains about how soon good books turn into mere items in a reference list. This is not a problem anymore. Modern intellectuals are very privileged.

Just see to that you get your references right and that you find as much support as possible in other authors. For instance, I read a book by Wedekind ("Spiritual Entropy"), about the moral implications of thermodynamics. Since he is a devout Christian, he knew nothing about Neoplatonism or Asian philosophy, so he never cited them. If he had done so, the intellectual status of his book would be much higher.

M. Winther

(As a besides, the software of this site is malfunctioning. A few times, when I have been writing messages, the page has reloaded spontaneously and my text has disappeared. It is enormously frustrating. So it is necessary to write the text in Note Pad first, and then copy and paste into the text window. It is this kind of thing that makes people stop participating.)

"he knew nothing about..." - Just as Mats said, you never know what kind of concept and interaction can add more weight to an original idea. My chapter is published here (the last one): There are some deranged assumptions in in that sense is up to other people to have their opinion or ignore it. The point is that the draft version was very different from the final version after my communication with other people and the editor's interventions.

Those anorexic and (if I'm right in my assessment) chronically bored people or who know that "we'll all die someday" (perhaps Edgar Alan Poe H.P. Lovecraft were "archetypal" writers in this genre), those devoted in their belief in nothing (Different than nihilists who don't believe in anything?), seem to be important from the point of view of a psychotherapist (something I am not - hence without the official therapist-patient encounter I am totally helpless to say anything relevant when I meet such a person).

Hi Aleksandar, I am impressed that you are published in a highly intellectual field. I am not an intellectual. I am an intuitive type who is able to see through the symbolic metaphors that typically appear in fictional portrayals that represent what is going on in the unconsciousness of the cultural participation mystique. I have a hard time understanding intellectual stuff. I have a problem with dyslexia, so I must write in a plain and straightforward manner. I have a hard time trying to read the chapter that you wrote for that book, or at least the editor’s version of what you wrote. In fact, I rarely read fictional material or highly intellectual stuff as it all appears muddled and tiring to me. Most of my analysis of stuff comes from visual media. I have no problem reading and understanding Jung, yet intellectual people complain that it is hard to understand Jung, and read other Jungians instead. The English translations of Jung’s works are written in a fairly straightforward manner. I think the reason why Jung is difficult for many people to understand is their minds throw up a mental block because what he wrote is too easy to understand and the stark reality of the subject matter can be highly insulting to one fragile ego. Marion Woodman wrote in somewhat poetic manner that is often difficult to understand, which is probably why her work is popular.

Re my book project about the mythology behind anorexia nervosa: The ultimate authority for the mythology behind anorexia nervosa come from a history that keeps repeating itself. Aside from that, Jung describes this mythology, but not in a way that one can easily relate it to the problem of anorexia nervosa without someone to point out the relationship. This is simply because there are a few key words and/or descriptions missing in Jung’s description of the mythology, but those words can be found said by other authorities on the same mythology.

Hi Mats,  I tried to send a message to you on Facebook, but that failed. So I shut down my computer and restarted it. The Facebook message service failed again.

There are two reasons why I want to publish and distribute the book myself. The one is that the distributors take the lion's share of the proceeds, more than is necessary from what I have read about the problem with ebook publishers. The other problem is censorship. If the censors get hold of it they would try to use some trickery to either block access or discourage people from buying the book. I will keep this short. There is a lot more to be said. I need your email address, so I can correspond directly to you because I feel that you are someone I can trust. We have corresponded on the CG Jung page forum years ago before they shut it down because there were too many insane people making nasty posts. My email is at


Malcolm, I get a " WARNING. Mail Delayed" when replying to that email address of yours. /Mats

(Sorry for bumping this thread.)

I got your email and have just sent a reply to you. We were having wind storms in this part of the country and the power went down in some areas.

Hi Mats, If you have problems with posting, try using you word processor rather than Notepad. Most of the time I use Word or Word Perfect and post by copying what I have written and pasting into the forum reply box.

Often I copy the post that I want to reply to and past it in my word processing programme and then make a reply and after I am satisfied with it I simply copy and past the reply in the forum's reply box. I did have some problem posting a reply here earlier, but everything seems to be working okay now.


"...the individual suffers the mysteries of life as meaningless mayhem--alone."

So THAT'S why I'm single. FINALLY I have an answer for Mom. ;)


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