Is shadow influencing our workchoice? I think people unconsciously choose for growth by choosing a certain job & company.


The positive aspects of shadow, admiration do attract someone to a job ...but I also think the negative aspects somehow do challenge someone. Most of them don't know this.

Ofcourse in a job you are utilising your talents ...and in shadow your gold is hidden to perform your job even better.


What do you think?

Do you have tips 4 reading? Comment? Anything is welcome!

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To choose a job based on shadow keeps us from individuating, you say.

I think we can't do otherwise, that we unconsciously choose work to grow, to individuate. And shadow let us attract to certain functions and organisations. If there is too much shadow, it won't work and for instance burnout is a consequence.

Of course we think we are attracted by a job by our talents, but my statement is ...shadow influences us as much!


Not everything we are good in, is a talent. And that can cause problems. it doesn't give the energy we expect.


Jung say we are looking for growth, conscious or not ...If getting ill, has a purpose to get us better.

Certainly, any suggestion that we choose a job by either conscious methods or unconscious shadow influence strays from your original focus on how shadow influences our workchoice. This leads me to the concept of individuation which is never fully experienced. is not either/or or an equal both/and but a matter of degrees of consciousness and unconscious shadow. We also have neglected to bring in other unconscious influences mentioned by Jung such as the anima/animus, archetypal forces , and complexes other than the shadow that also have some psychic energy invested in the moment of choosing a workplace.

And how about a nod to Freud's superego and more the currently articulated cultural complexes as well.

Thks to all your reactions I collected some courage to place a blog on this subject. Thanks!!! I love to share my ideas about shadow and work.


Love the picture!!!

Hi all,


I wrote more on this subject in my blog


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