Intro to Depth Psychology: Ellenberger (1970) Ch. 2 Found Online

No luck on Scribd so far, but I found Chapter Two of Ellenberger (1970) on the Michigan Mental Health Worker Web site.

MMHW's excerpt of Discovery of the Unconscious: Chapter Two: The Em..., pp. 53-69:

In Firefox, I used "Save Page as PDF."

See ya Saturday!

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For once my local library let me down.  But not my local bookseller: Wind & Tide Bookshop, Oak Harbor, WA.

She was astounded herself that, even at $68 for new, she couldn't make any money on it.  She reluctantly accepted a small commission on a like-new copy for $45. 

So that's at least one known source.  Happy hunting.

This google search link will take you to some used copies for about $35 each (1981 edition).

Thanks David, very helpful.

Do you know if we typically need a Scribd account for these classes?

Also, do we only need chapter 2 of Ellenberger?  (I don't recall exactly what James mentioned about that)


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