Interview with Dr. Michael Conforti of Assisi Institute and Bonnie Bright on "Dream Patterning"

Archiving this audio interview for future access here on the Alliance....

LISTEN TO AN INTERVIEW on "Dream Patterning" with Dr. Michael Conforti of Assisi Institute and Bonnie Bright as they discuss powerful archetypal ways to understand what the Unconscious is saying through dreams.

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BTW, if you find yourself regretting you didn't take advantage of the 9-month certificate course on Dream Patterning offered through Assisi Institute, it's actually NOT TOO LATE! The teleseminars are all recorded and archived so you can listen anytime and catch up. There has only been one, 2nd one is tonight (11-5), and the residential in Vermont starts Nov 3. Email if you want to jump in!


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