On July 9th mentor, colleague and friend Marion Woodman passed away. She left in peace, surrounded by love and care.

She would have been 90 on August 15th, though the wisdom and love she shared and supported in so many is timeless. She will be deeply missed, though her spirit and teachings live on.

A Canadian mythopoetic author, poet, Jungian analyst and contributing leader in the women’s movement, Marion’s work nourished the vitality of the soul in the body, the sacred feminine and masculine, ecological awareness, work with addictions, embodied consciousness, and more.

Though she had a brilliant mind with a passion for Shakespeare, Emily Dickenson, TS Eliot and others, her most potent teaching was through her ‘being.” One felt it through her deep listening presence, wisdom, passion, curiosity, outrageous humor, bone honesty and most of all through her love.

The documentary film Dancing in the Flames provides an entryway into the ways that her life experience informed her work, as do her many books, and community offerings through the Marion Woodman Foundation. Here is a link to a brief video clip of Marion reciting TS Eliot's poem (filmed by Susan Adams) that offers guidance in our times…  https://www.facebook.com/TinaStromstedPhD/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel 

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Sad to hear that Marion Woodman has passed away.

What a great teacher she was.

I read all of her books in the past two years - and I am grateful to her every day for what I could learn from her.

She has changed my life for the better.

Thank you Marion.

Good to hear from you, Veronique, and to know how much Marion's life and writings touched your life.  She made all the difference.  I am sad for your loss as well, and join you in gratitude for her deep soul teachings and presence.

There will be a celebration of Marion's life at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara (where she often taught as a guest professor), January 19 & 20.  Many will gather to share her writings, stories, film and ritual in case you'd like to join us.   There will be an announcement posted on their website soon. 

Blessings & warmth,  Tina



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