I am a new member at the Alliance and I would like to take the opportunity and introduce myself.

I am a Drama and Movement therapist (Sesame), guided a lot by the work of James Hillman and Joseph Campbell. I am very interesting in mythology and archetypal psychology and looking forward to learning and sharing about myths, dreams, experiences and anything else that the soul brings to the light.

During my Masters course I was focused researching about addiction and I am really happy to see that   the Alliance hosted a book club featuring " The War of Gods in Addiction". At the moment I am preparing a workshop about the 'Twin experience  of the other half/Daimon' ( working Title). 

I would like to thank you for accepting me at the Alliance and I am looking forward to engage actively as a member. 

Warm regards,

George Theodoropoulos


You can find some details about the Sesame approach to Dramatherapy following the link:http://www.sesame-institute.org/

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Hi George. Nice to "meet" you and it's great to see what you're working on. There are a lot of members interested in drama and movement here. It's an area a little outside my own expertise and experience but I would love to know more. Maybe you can start a discussion thread on that topic and others will jump in.

Meanwhile, can you say more about your workshop? It sounds intriguing.

Hi Bonnie, 

many thanks for your  welcoming note. It is nice to meet you too and I am looking forward to learn more about your work. Your thought about a discussion on Dramatherapy sounds wonderful and  I will start a topic soon.




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