Hearing voices? Listen to my interview with Shannon Love about her personal experiences with psychosis!

Shannon Love

Shannon Love began life in rural Alabama as a seemingly stable and content youngster. After marrying her childhood sweetheart she continued on this path of fulfillment, expanding her household to five members and thoroughly enjoying a nomadic and international lifestyle. Three countries and five states later she suffered a psychotic break, forcing her into yet another world – that of mental illness.

Repatriated to the U.S., Shannon now resides in Houston where she hangs her many hats. As a mom and wife, she adores her husband, two sons, and daughter. As a regular gal, she looks forward to lunch dates with her girlfriends, and as a creative thinker, when she’s not writing, she enjoys dabbling in watercolors, acrylics, and clay. Confessing her inadequacies, she professes that her words paint a far better picture than does her brush. With that said, she also admits to singing in the shower, although she’s known to be tone-deaf.

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