Hello - I am not sure if this is the right place to post this request. I am searching for an article I found on Scoop.it. I was not able to access the full article, and I would like to. I believe it has some information I would like for my thesis. The article is titled "Healing through the Numinous". Does anyone know where I could find the full article? Thank-you, Linda

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the full online title is: Jungian Therapy; Healing through the Numinous. This is the only part of the article I could access and I want to read the full article. Here is what it said; I can't click the title for the rest of the article because it goes nowhere. Hope this is enough info.

The feelings of awe, dread, and amazement that accompany a numinous experience are important not simply because they help us to identify the experience as sacred. These emotions tell us that the experience has been embodied. Emotions are felt in the body as a result of the action of the autonomic nervous system. They make the heart beat faster, make us pale, and produce muscle tension and sweating. Our hair may stand on end, and a variety of hormones may be secreted. A powerful emotional reaction provokes the response of the whole organism.”


The numinous has an incredible healing capacity too, since it has the potential to reconnect us to a greater whole. Numinous experiences, such as prophetic dreams or stunning synchronicity, are an invitation and can signal a transition or...(click title for more)

Here it is, a link to a dead link: http://www.jungiantherapists.org/articles/ (the author Ed Santana). Still, if you don't mind, I'll return to this discussion topic sometime in the (Near?) future. The topic is too good to be left as a search for a dead link.

Hi Linda. The link you probably saw on Scoop.It seems to now be broken. It still goes to the site of the original author, Ed Santana, but he may have moved the article elsewhere. Pasting the broken link below: maybe you can contact him directly via his site and see if he can point you to it.... Good luck!



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