Jesse: We love you! Jesse served as the Depth Alliance Board Chair earlier this year and is a long-time board member for the Alliance, as well as co-editing multiple issues of Depth Insights with me.

Much of the current vision of the Alliance can be attributed to his insight, his wonderful mind, and his dedication to service and compassion for everyone with whom he comes in contact. Knowing Jesse has changed my life--and whether you know it or not--has changed yours through his contributions to the depth psychology community. I miss seeing him on video calls--sometimes several days a week--as we did depth work together in various guises.

Please join me in sending Jesse love and prayers as he goes through into the final transition after a difficult journey. 

You can also donate to his fund at

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Honoring, prayers, and gratitude for our friend, colleague, and teacher, Jesse.

Thanks for posting this magnificent image, Mark. Funny--I always associate Jesse with trees for some reason, so its very synchronistic and poignant for me.

I'm very sorry to say that Jesse passed away this morning. A tremendous light is gone from this world but it will live on forever. My heart goes out to all of Jesse's loved ones and friends who he touched in so many ways. 


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