Free Transcript of my Interview with Jungian Analyst, Jeff Raff on Synchronicity

What a coincidence!  Free transcript of my interview on synchronicity with Jungian Analyst Dr. Jeffrey Raff!

Click here for transcript!

David Van Nuys, PhD

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Hi Ric,

Thanks for downloading that transcript and for your thoughtful questions.  Unfortunately, I'm a better question-asker, as an interviewer, than a question-answerer! :-)  Frankly, I don't have enough background in either Blavatsky or Sheldrake or Quantum theory to comment intelligently on your question.  It sounds like a reasonable hypothesis and I understand the basis of your question but really have nothing to add.

You might enjoy my subsequent interview: 

#311 – Synchronicity and The Interconnected Universe with Jungian Analyst Joseph Cambray

There is also a transcript for that one:




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