Dear Friends:

Leona Tockey, a dear friend who died last summer close to her 90th birthday, was a remarkable woman. She had a successful career as a psychotherapist specializing in sexual abuse issues, and she was a mentor and elder to many of us. You can read about her here:


Leona was also an author. In 1995 she published a memoir of her childhood in 1930s Montana, where she was a victim of family sexual abuse herself. The book chronicles the mixed experience of a happy childhood compromised by terrible, inappropriate intimacy – and the road to adult healing. As a writer myself, I can tell you that this book is inspiring and very well written.

I have recently discovered a large cache of unopened copies of the book and want to make them available – in any quantity – to anyone who would like to read them, and especially to counselors and therapists who work with those attempting to heal from the trauma of abuse.

In the East Bay I can offer them completely for free. Otherwise, postage will be $3.00 per copy. Larger quantities will probably have postage discounts. Send your check to me at 685 ½ Fairmount Ave, Oakland CA 94611, or pay by Paypal:

So please let me know if you want some copies, and especially if you know of professionals and agencies that work in this sensitive area.

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