Fairy Tale Wisdom and stuff on my blog - would love feedback thank you :)

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Roberta - I enjoyed your analysis and will seek-out more from your symbologies. WOX

Thanks so much Willi for taking the time to read it and for your encouraging comments. Looking forward to catching up with more of your stuff here as well. All the best, Roberta

Hello Esther, thanks so much for your kind and motivating words! I do enjoy writing the blog and have always scribbled in various notebooks off and on, especially when reading an inspirational book, like Memories, Dreams, Reflections for instance. I have not yet read ML von Franz and have added her work to the top of my 'to read' list, thank you for the referral. I have listened to her speak on a You Tube video clip some time ago which was great, so thanks again and Im looking forward to more of your insights as well, particularly enjoying your posts on shadow work. All the best for now, Roberta : )

Hi Roberta, I am happy to find your blog as I share similar interest in archetypal meanings and symbolism in Fairy Tales.  I also have a blog wherein I am working on such concepts more in relation to astrology and myth so far- esotericembers.wordpress.com

I also recently started watching "Once Upon a Time" with my daughters and also enjoy the integration of shadow sides of the characters in the show.  I will take time to look more in depth into your blog and perhaps get back to you with additional feedback- it looks great, though, from a first look.  Best, Gray

Hi again Roberta,

I was just reading more of your blog and especially like the Red Riding Hood entry and how you tied it into shadow work, also referencing Jonah and the Whale.  I note you posted this blog during an intense astrological time period involving a huge conjunction in Pisces, the same time period in which the Pope resigned, and I also wrote my last blog entry in which I integrated the Ceres and Persephone myth- there are some similar themes and ideas with what you wrote about, so I really enjoy seeing the perceptual connection of archetypes.  The astrological transits that have been happening reflect us being pulled into doing this deeper Soul work, in my opinion. Cheers, Gray

Hi Gray, thanks so much for your interest and encouraging comments. Your explanations and insights are fascinating and have given me much to think about. Thanks again and all the best for now, Roberta : )


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