I recently had a very strange dream. I don’t understand its meaning, so I hope that someone can tell me how to interpret it.

So, my mother and I are standing in front of a mountain and it is dark outside. I have the feeling that my father and my sister are there, as well as some other people that I don’t know, but I don’t see them in the dream. I decide to look up at the sky. I see many stars, but what mostly catches my attention are two giant eyes staring at me. When they close it’s like they disappear completely and then appear again. I tell my mother about them and at first she doesn’t see them because they disappear but then she manages to spot them. Now, we are both staring at them and they stop closing. That is when I manage to take a good look at them. Those eyes were hazel, almost glowing and wide open, but not in a scary way. They seemed wise and aware and they didn’t inflict any fear on us. Suddenly, they turned into two neutron stars and started spinning around one another. Then they merged into one. Now, there was one large neutron star and a beam of light coming from it. At that point, people had noticed and they were panicking. Suddenly, an explosion in space. There was chaos everywhere, as people were trying to run away. Everything turned bright and I woke up.

It was an amazing dream and I’m happy I managed to remember it. Comment what you think?

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