I received the following email and this seemed like a perfect place to post it:

"I am currently involved in a not for profit study at Monash University, Australia. We are seeking participants to complete an online study on their extraordinary experiences, including peak, mystical, spiritual, cosmic, transcendent, or other experiences. At the end of the study participants may also choose to take part in an interview.

I was wondering if it would be possible to forward this e-mail, put up a poster, or post a link to the survey website. We would appreciate it if you or anyone you know might have an extraordinary experience to share.

I have attached a copy of the research poster, which directs participants to the survey website: www.surveymonkey.com/s/extraordinaryexperiences

I am happy to discuss the research with you at any stage.

Kind Regards,

Tristan Snell.

Research Assistant - Monash University."

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Thanks for passing this along, Dave. I'm sure there are many in this community who have had peak or mystical experiences--a topic which is fascinating to me as well. Everyone: Please consider participating in this!


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