Exploration of a new application of the Transcendent Function. Q x A

Use of, the transcendent function, combined with  Jungian psychological types in the context of a new Quadrat decision making device applied specifically to working with people who self abuse and attempt suicide.

By J D Stephen Flynn.

Chapter One: What the Quadrat is meant to highlight.

This heuristic device I call the Quadrat is a useful tool for researching the decision making process for both king and peasant, judge and villain. I have specifically focus on the role of victim and those who self abuse, that is, people who deliberately self harm and/or suffer suicidal ideation. It is designed to explore and determine the ‘critical path’ within the process of decision making which identifies four main sections (cardinal points) of decision making to include Power, Control, Responsibility and Consequence. Each of these four in turn subdivided into four, making twenty in all. In figs 1,2 and 3, below I have put together the essential components of making a decision and carrying it out, that is, the various components within the decision-making process which explore the implications of a fractured critical path resulting in a negative decision process (the Quadrat). The fracture of the Quadrat decision making offers further understanding into how the warring self results in self abuse and suicidal ideation.

More to follow if there is any interest in perusing this as it is embryonic..as it were.

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Hi JD Stephen - read the above paying attention to your use of words (core) within context and embryonic idea - Quadrat as tool for decision-making process.  These words are research, decision-making process, critical path-cardinal points, etc.

I also presented an introductory article concerning content analysis of the 5 levels of conversation that was posted and drew no attention to date which I share with you (see pdf), so you glimpse into one area of my research interests, and then, perhaps we can converse, see where this takes us.  Regards Linda



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