Does Mainstream Psychotherapy Target the Wrong Source of Mental Illness?

Since my teens, I've gone through various forms of classical and modern psychotherapies, and only one or two were actually helpful.

I hesitate to use Hollywood fiction to illustrate anything, but in my youth they treated my autism with EST, producing an electrical lobotomy that was just as destructive as Jack Nicholson's in the mental horror story: "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest". There is no recovery from that kind of deep brain damage. 

Years later, Jack returned as a fiesty Asperger in: "As Good As It Gets", to expose the utter futility of mainstream psychotherapy, that depends on harmful pharmaceuticals to cover up its lack of effective treatments.

Covering up symptoms of mental illness with drugs prescribed by professionals, that may manage the symptoms but do nothing to advance a cure, isn't all that different from a patient that self-medicates with all manner of street drugs to manage, control, or lessen those same symptoms. Both forms of 'drug treatment' carry significant risks...some more obvious than others.

After many years of researching the hidden causes of mental illness that Jung only started to investigate, the primal source of mental illness finally emerges. Jung struggled not only with his dark side or shadow self, but with other powerful points of darkness that lay hidden in his psyche, which he eventually revealed in his mandala drawings as "the patten cross". 

My spiritual investigations into human history, and the forces that have guided and shaped humanity, suggest that the root cause(s) of human mental illness is not a result of each individual falling into a down spiral of individual entropy [breakdown of order], but being driven into that self harming, self destructive state through a gradual breakdown of our physical, emotional, and spiritual sovereignty or agency.

Our home culture shapes us in many ways, and the spiritual leaders that dominate that culture shape our identity, thinking, and feeling. More than any other single factor, culture and gods shape us and misshape us into what we are today. If psychotherapy really wants to cure people, it should start by curing the toxic culture that promotes mental illness, and the gods who disseminate it with their spiritual dominance and subtle control over human behaviour.

What would a treatment program for sick cultures and their gods look like? 

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