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I love this quote.  It serves to humble my ego.  To remind me that I'm a link in a long chain.  And also to remind me that my "successes" in this life might be related to withstanding tensions and imbalances created long ago.  I tend to want to achieve in this life.  To ACHIEVE in big ways.  But living ethically and suffering through my mysterious oppositions within myself helps in small but important ways.  I love the idea of paying debts.  My mother talked about purgatory.  While I don't believe in a literal place, Jung's idea is the same, I think.  Paying debts gives my suffering meaning.

Greetings Ancestors distant and close removed~If I clear my mind of what I have read, heard , what has been synthesized I maybe can begin to translate the importance I feel of ancestry in my life. I have never formally been shown how to wildcraft for example, yet when I go into the forest I speak with my ancestors and they speak into my veins, my blood, my code if you will I am led to discover great abundance, and seem to have uncanny skill finding exactly the herb my body might need in that moment. I've often mused that this is a connection to my ancestral roots, some medicine person back back long ago. Is our connection with our ancestors what we call intuition, or gut? Are we in a constant state of "downloading" information from them, only blocked by our incessant need to assign and compare...? More recently I erected a shrine with a fig, a candle, etc simple items intuitively felt to honor a friend. Psychoanalyze this experience as much as you like but I received a FLOOD of dreams afterward, after asking for communication during this season of veils between worlds. Hundreds of people who had passed looked into my eyes one after the other...and only one living in the town I do asking me to check into our bloodlines...for common ancestors. A dream yes, but very interesting. Is this the chemical musings of a mind in mysterious sleep? Was the symbolism of the objects that  I "intuitively" erected on the shrine coincidentally also symbolized in ancient ritual to communicate with ancestors and the dead? Did my ancestors beckon me deeper when my mind was clear enough to do so?

Time has been shown to not be a linear progression...what has it been shown to BE? So, here we are in our perceptive states, us humans, divining answers through ourselves, creating translations in our broken and insufficient language. For me I think their is a personal language of speaking with ancestors...its older than words yet newer than time...as in dream a matter of letting go and then filling up again. There is much to hear, I believe. If we correlated time and space to astronomy, or astrology many things are happening all at once that pertain to the past, present,and future...our "house" (solar system, astrological, etc) might very well be this moment with a mainline to our ancestors open to perceive or negate at all times...this...

"Moreover, my ancestors' souls are sustained by the atmosphere of the house, since I answer for them the questions that their lives once left behind.  I carve out rough answers as best I can.  I have even drawn them on the walls.  It is as if a silent, greater family, stretching down the centuries, were peopling the house."

Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)

And the irony...having fasted from the internet increasingly since last December I have tuned into ancestors and had not noticed when logging on that this was  a very "old" discussion...I love it!


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