This file contains a Directory consisting of:

1. Depth Psychology Groups and Organization in the United States
2. Foreign Depth Psychology Groups and Organizations
3. Depth Psychology Online Discussion Groups
4. Depth Psychology Online Resources and Training
5. Carl Jung and Depth Psychology Book List

Suggestions for additions to this Directory may be submitted to me. 

Thank you.

Maxwell Purrington

Carl Jung Depth Psychology Facebook Group:

Carl Jung Depth Psychology Blog:

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Maxwell:Thank you so much for aggregating and sharing this remarkable list of resources. What an incredible feat!

Just a note to the community: If you are a member or boardmember of any of these groups or organizations, please encourage them to set up their own member page within the Alliance. We'll be hosting an "open house" in early 2014 for groups and orgs to get exposure and make offerings to the community. More details soon!


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