Articles on the Archetype of the Vampire - Freudian & Jungian Perspectives

In honor of Halloween, an interesting commentary on the archetype of the vampire according to Jung: analysis_Vampire/According_to_...

And another from a Freudian perspective:


And one more:

Psychological Perspective on Vampire Mythology – by Margaret Shanahan:


Do any of these resonate for you? Are YOU into vampires or have you ever dressed as one for Halloween?

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Margaret Shanahan's cool glide across Freudian, Jungian and Self Psychological perspectives as they relate to narcissism was a compelling read.   In its complex, tragic, and ghastly  nature, this conversation of  the narcissistic personality disorder is a perfect Halloween adventure.  I am appropriately horrified!  Well done. It is refreshing to have some fun even with the darker aspects of the human situation. I'm grateful too,  to receive the sober reminder that we all have the tendency to scapegoat others.  


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