I believe you're a bit off base here on your definition of Eros..Eros in this context is the experience f connection or life connecting principle.Dark Eros is the dark or s hadow side of that that can become perverted especially in when families or  other interpersonal relations it is repressed and denied in a healthy sense....I  suggest you look further at this subject for more clarification 

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I have a special discussion topic just for me. :-)

It's not such a stretch of imagination to see overlapping between connecting life force (Qi?) and sexuality. I've responded to that comment about a book which actually mentions the word "incest" in the title. It reminded me of Anais Nin's "House of Incest" and her issues.

Not to go too tantric or perverted with this comment, I'll add that a physical attraction between two individuals, if properly channeled, can be an entrance to something seemingly out of this world (I know exactly what I'm talking about, but I don't know how to express it).


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